Author Topic: BitShares2-light: How to Use  (Read 1624 times)

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I downloaded BitShares2-light, bought some BitShares, and so now what do I do?  I look at the Trades page with its graph, spaces to fill in for Buy BTS, Sell BTS, My History, etc. but have no idea what to do.  I've looked at all the YouTube videos, searched google, tried reading this forum: it's either over my head, or not basic enough for a newbie like me to use BitShares2.  I need step by step, basic, non-geek instructions, and can't find it anywhere.  Someone answered my post in the "Stupid Questions" forum that videos are being made, and hopefully this will show me what to do, but is there anything else I can use, anywhere, such as a book that's a basic guide?  Like a BitShares2 for Dummies?  A step by step, basic guide?

Thanks for any help.