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Dear stakeholders and the community members,

Greetings; We hereby announce that the usage of our API node "wss://" had exceeded today the 1000 active users at 10:00PM GMT, we're so proud of our infrastructure's setup and performance.

The last month was an awesome month for ioBanker; ioBanker's team had the chance to contribute in Malta AI & Blockchain Summit and we spoke about BitShares intensively and introduced the features of BitShares to the Blockchain enthusiastic society and the communities leaders at our ioBanker's booth, please find the attached photos and share with us the great moments.

Our vision about BitShares:

We believe BitShares is the most stable and reliable DEX environment on the internet "thanks to all the great community behind it" and we believe the future of banking will relay on this intelligently designed Blockchain and it's unique brilliant control features, we are contributing in this great work for the sake of improving it so we all can benefit out of facilitating the banking demands securely and fairly for the digital world.

We're currently working on improving our UI and platforms with ideas around HTLC features and focusing on facilitating banking use cases while providing digital assets OTC banking features for our clients.

Please wish us the best luck :)

For supporting us, please vote for "iobanker-core".

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