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I personally didn't experience any issues with Bter, but we definitely need a second exchange.

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no issues with depositing/withdrawing across multiple crypto types here
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as announced on their homepage (Chinese version), they are upgrading the system.
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Can we maybe create a Trade subforum? Bter really sucks!

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No issues here buying & withdrawing MMC. Took couple minutes - granted - new account.

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I created one account, still has 3 withdrawals processing after 1 week. No reply from support.

I then created a new one, put money in, sold and bought and withdrew both MMC and BTC very quickly.

Still got over 1btc caught in first account. And you can't cancel withdrawals
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Anyone had any large withdrawals from Bter? MMC or other crypto?

There are reports from users saying they are not processing withdrawals properly.
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