Author Topic: Source Code Release for Stake Weighted Voting App  (Read 9413 times)

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Cool .. looking forward to see things in action

Btw .. welcome back to the forum .. long time no see

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Follow My Vote is proud to announce we have released the source code to our stake-weighted voting application.

Please note that the application is not complete; development is still very early, but we think that we have a solid foundation upon which to build. We welcome contributions, critiques, and questions from the community.

Also note that so far, no blockchain integration has been done. We are planning to do blockchain integration last, once the application is complete. We think this is the most efficient order of development, because it lets us know exactly what is needed from the blockchain adaption layer before we begin writing it. At present, all of the blockchain interfaces are stubs.

With no further ado, the repository is available on GitHub: