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the owner key of account bitcrab is not stolen, it's just wrongly set multisig so now there is no way to get the owner authority.
the active key is still owned by me,  no funds lost.

jerryliu is also my witness account, here is the thread that I announce the online of witness jerryliu:,23689.0.html

I do not use PGP in the past so I don't think now I can use it to verify my account.

thanks for help from [member=18687]abit[/member] and [member=350]Bhuz[/member] , now I make the owner_key of bitcrab under controll again. now I can still use account bitcrab as committee member account, no need to switch to another account.

let's see what had happened:

several weeks ago I had wrongly set the owner key of bitcrab as a multisig like this:

bitcrab is wrongly to put in to make a circular approval, and later I lost the key of trans-admin.

so the problem is, in such a condition, is there any way to controll the owner key of bitcrab?

I have thought there is no way, today [member=350]Bhuz[/member] and [member=18687]abit[/member] told me it's possible, and abit did some test to ensure there is a solution.

so finally I issue a proposal to change the owner key of bitcrab  with active key of bitcrab.

and then approve it in cli, and then ask alt to approve it also in cli with account baozi, done.

so that means when owner key is a multisig of several accounts, with only active key these accounts can propose and approve to change the multisig owner key, however, seems this does not work in GUI, but work in cli.

Interesting. Thanks for the explanation!

please unvote bitcrab.

it's so shamed to be a so called "committee member" of a blockchain which is controlled by a single person.


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