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Can BM address the issue we experienced with this massive dump of BTS and where do we see BTS price in the future? One must have a dream and a target in life. So what is his target and dream about BTS price and the DEX as a product?

Will he be happy if BTS market cap is $8 mil but we do have a great product that more people can use?

We may end up with a great product but BTS not to be worth much..What are his plans to address those issues? BTS market cap is purely a reflection of future speculative view of how much bit assets will be created and how many people will use it in the future.How do we increase the speculative value of BTS so hodlers do not suffer?

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Could you explain in more detail how Cryptonomex and its exchange partners can setup sub faucets to grow a sales force?
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This Hangout is w/ Bytemaster of Cryptonomex

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