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Just to note that the forum seems a bit slow, which is not something I've ever noticed before.. I'm getting 3/4 sec delays on requests for opening pages and the option to reply; submit reply just took 10+ secs. Hopefully that won't last..

Also I notice for the first time Firefox.. now version 42 suggests a flag against the url "The website does not supply identity information" and "The connection is not secure" despite being https:.. "Parts of this page are not secure, such as images"
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great stuff, i like how its condensed now.

your literally all over the place dude, do you have no life like me?

you keep being amazing and ill have no choice but to keep tipping you brownies.

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how do you like the new setup? I tried to squeeze some subforums and gave bitshares 2.0 a space on top.

anything else?