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The FS Revelation : Tracking a year's involvement in crypto
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:29:45 pm »
Hey guys,

There's been a lot of discrepancies regarding our involvements in a series of ventures and there's been a large number of queries concerning how far does the freebie world really go. While we started off as "free game server" provider, the core of our business goes far beyond that . As a company with about 5000 dollars in funding, one of our strategies was to be involved in a series of partner ventures, where we could add value, either in terms of development or marketing. Over the last year, apart from marketing, our cash flow has also come from development we've done for a series of partner ventures. In cases where we found sure-shot synergies and absolute long term profitability in working together, we've taken minor stakes and in cases where we believe we are not going to be able to add substantial value in the long run, we take a clear payment and deliver on our promises.  This thread is my humble attempt to document our journey over the last year.

1. -Nxt Synergy

Our first major partnership was with the Nxt community on garnering users for The campaign involved us garnering users for Mynxt over a 2 week period in December 2014.  We integrated modals and other marketing tools on our platform while completely revamping the payment module to work with Nxt's   wallet system to give the users an experience of how wallets work. Mynxt was gracious enough to offer 10 Nxt to each user that signed up. We strategically used this to garner over 14,000 sign ups for Nxt. The contract stated 5000 sign ups, but we were able to over-deliver, partly because of a surge in users due to the vacation and secondly, due to the offerings made by Mynxt. This was our first major campaign after 8 months of launch and scale.

2. Launch of a revamped Game Control Panel

In January 2015, we launched a completely revamped game control panel that was developed in-house for the purpose of enabling gamers to have better access and control over their game servers. The idea behind this was to replace out-dated software from 2009 with new software that beat industry standards. This also gave us flexibility in terms of being able to revamp the platform for user cases that required re-coding the server management software. This was a 4 week operation that was funded by our listing on the Asset Exchange of Nxt and remains to this day, crucial to our operations.

3. Nxthaus Collaboration.

In Feb 2015 we decided to work with Dominik Schiener, CEO of Nxthaus on revamping their tech stack and launching the platform. The exchange had raised funds in May 2014 and struggled for a year due to a lack of developers and banking related issues. We were given the wonderful opportunity to engage in revamping the platform and finally putting it on launch.  Our team was involved back-end development and administration of the servers. 

4. Xpool.Ca

We were involved with a crucial revamp of the platform that enabled the website to run its operations with Nxt.


CoinRaQ is the application and service designed to take the challenge coin and fuse it with block-chain technology. Through CoinRaQ, you gain the ability to create custom branded challenge coins for purchase and distribution.  Created in partnership with a  board member of Nxthaus

6. Colored Coins

Created an RPC and GUI for the team.

7. WeTipTap
Assisted the administration at Nxthaus to launch the Tipbot for Nxt. Currently allows tipping on platforms like reddit, facebook, twitter and slack.

In the mean time, we have also picked up on core businesses with the intent of creating a gaming ecosystem that enables  the gamer demographic to engage in transactions. The entire idea of "freebieservers" was to create a marketing funnel for the following projects while enabling gamers around the world to come, have a clutter free gaming experience on an online platform. Our cash flow deficits during months we don't advertise heavily are to be tackled by the launch of the following projects.

1. Gamebet

We’re building a legal betting platform for gaming leagues. We believe Esports stands to grow substantially over the coming years and combining the power of crypto with it enables us to create cultural shifts amongst our target demographic, while ensuring profitability and scale.  The new betting platform stands to do 6 million dollars a month in revenue once at scale and work within a multi-billion dollar industry with very little competition.  We are 80 percent done with the project and intend to launch in the month to come. Preferably, we catch the crowds in the vacation period for christmas.

Further Information :

2. TheGambit

The idea is to create the world's first game item exchange powered by crypto-currencies. We have a base structure to the platform live and internally tested. The project was taken down while we worked upon the establishment of Gamebet - in order to enable cross platform integration and real time sale of tickets to place bets.

3. Lyth

We serve on the board of Lyth as a partner and this is one of the best partnerships we've engaged in so far. We stepped in on the last minute and saved the project from a closure. In exchange we received an opportunity to work (with full financing) on creating a MMO that runs on Nxt's blockchain.
Further information here :!)/

Hence over the last year we've evolved beyond just gaming. Our involvement has gone through fin-tech, social media and community development. As a start-up, ever single month, we fight the devil called short term cash deficit and as we fight our way through to that beautiful shore of profitability, there are times we sit back and wonder wtf are we even doing anymore. We prefer staying far away from the limelight and being the hackers and artists  that just love building for the heck of solving a problem. Due to the same, you might not see us engaging in PR blitzkriegs or pointless marketing tactics. But, every, darned time ,we've had the opportunity to add value to ecosystems or engage in revamping things, we've delivered on our promises. Unfortunately, a large batch of our ideas go to waste, or die a sad death because we often don't find the means to bring them to life, but that is the struggle behind what we do.
You win some, you lose some.

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Re: The FS Revelation : Tracking a year's involvement in crypto
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2015, 07:25:32 am »
I just noticed this existed, pretty awesome pal thanks for posting this.
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Re: The FS Revelation : Tracking a year's involvement in crypto
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2015, 11:45:21 am »
It's great to have you guys involved.  Your experience, productivity and enthusiasm is inspirational and very uplifting.