Author Topic: Could BitShares use something like xbtfreelancer?  (Read 493 times)

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Could BitShares use something like xbtfreelancer?
« on: December 21, 2015, 07:35:48 pm »

Basically people search for work and get paid in bitcoins and projects that need people offer them work to do.

Could this be done with BitShares?

Assume the worker only wants to get paid in bitcoin.

A member with good enough reputation or a few of them sharing an account with multisig would make a proposal that would get approved. Once it's approved.
That member/those members would post the work that needs to be done on the site and also a brief resume of how BItShares can pay for its own development because payment could take a bit I guess.

Once a worker is found, he's hired to do the job and the multisig account would receive the payment in BitShares. Then those would need to be converted to bitcoin.

There's the risk of BitShares devaluation while the work is done because the expected payment from the network might not be enough now. So to prevent this maybe a little bit would be set aside in case it's needed. If it's not, those BitShares get burnt and the whole community can see that on the blockchain.

Other thing is timing of how stuff happens:
We would either find a worker and then get the proposal approved next which may take a while..
Or the proposal is not approved and then there's no money to pay the worker
Or the proposal needs to be approved first and those BitShares would sit on the multisig account. Also on the proposal one thing would be stipulated, something like: After this worker is approved, if member X/Y (the ones holding the multisig account) don't find a worker to do the job, these shares will be burnt. And then they burn the shares and the whole community can see it on the blockchain.

Would this be worth it? Not many people are familiar with BitShares code but I guess it's a matter of time. If someone is truly interested they will see the code first and know if they're ready or not to take the job. Only then, once it's done does that person get paid. Also public records of the addresses involved including the worker's bitcoin address would need to be public so the community isn't falsely accused of not paying for the job done, etc.

Is this worth all the trouble? Just curious, since it could be a new source of people to work on some stuff | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads

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Re: Could BitShares use something like xbtfreelancer?
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2015, 12:58:06 am »
this is a good idea. We would need some way to filter out the talent, but i love the concept. BM is always saying we have more projects than workers.  +5%