Author Topic: Help Needed: 38PTS in danger  (Read 1605 times)

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I am out of the danger zone and booked a bed. Accommodation prices are back to normal.
4210, thanks for your offer, helps already.
I don't need immediate money for a bed anymore but If you could make a simple plan so the people donate to CHÂTEAU would be a good thing.

Or a worker proposal with just 5 sentences.

Am hustling, will write more later.


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Hi 38PTS sorry to hear that.

What would be the best way to help you? How much do you need?

As far as i know do you spent a lot of time to promote the BitShares ecosystem and you recruit a lot of new members. That´s great!

Please let us know how  we can help you the best?

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I somehow survived. It's really disappointing that there is so little help from the forum members.


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I wish I had a sleeping bag. Update: Soon I have to go outside where it's so cold.

Borrow me BTC or BTS and I will give you back your amount plus 11% in 11 days!


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Spending my money on mcdonalds. Delicious maestro burger, large menu. Warming up, calories,..


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Hi, the last 3 nights I spent outside. I am out of energy because my clothes are not fit for these temps.

I call the parliament for help as my planet suffers from the rule at the train station, where they always wake you up once you reach rem :-D

Someone who would pay me a night. Is this possible to pay for someone else with credit card?

I could also exchange btc but I am in sleep deprivation mode.