Author Topic: Involving members of our community in the development of the BitShares  (Read 557 times)

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Members for Block Production (Witnesses)
Block production in BitShares is arranged through DPoS which requires
block producers to run for witness and campaign for sufficient
votes from BTS holders before they can produce blocks on the
blockchain and consequently get rewarded per produced block.
Given the governance system and quick re-tallying of votes, a
misbehaving block producer can be dismissed within hours. Next
to the actual selection of block producers, the voters also have a
say over how many block producers should exist.

Members for Blockchain Governance (Committee)
The Committee comprises a board that has control over a few
blockchain parameters such as block size, block time, witness
reward, and over 30 others. Additionally, the committee can
change the fee schedule which defines the minimum fee for each
operation offered by the system. Voters can cast a vote for how
many members the committee should constitute as well as vote
for a particular set of members.

The question is which of us is interested in getting people involved in this process. I think this should lie on the shoulders of the committee, including.

5/11 members of the board are witnesses and apparently they work is not sufficient.

What work is done to solve this problem? What do you think about it? And what is planned?