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BitShares Mobile App opinion collection
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:15:32 am »
1. This post is about collecting community opinions about the work of workers.
2. Members of the community are welcome to leave a message here to ask for their needs.
3. The team arranges follow-up work plans based on the needs of the community.

Some of the comments that have been collected so far

1. Improve the optimization and improve the boot instructions of the login registration interface.
2. Increase the force settlement function.
3. Optimize specific operations including the operation of the mortgage interface.
4. Increase the trade to reverse the price display.
5. Adjust the problem that the display number is too long and the display overlaps.
6. Increase the type of K-line indicator and display it horizontally.
7. Increase the transaction fee display.
8. Hidden and partially garbage assets.
9. Save the contact information of your personal collection on the chain through the plug-in, avoiding the tedious loss of re-adding.
10. Add an optional light color interface style for Android.

The community is welcome to make requests and suggestions, and we will prioritize them according to needs.
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Re: BitShares Mobile App opinion collection
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2019, 05:30:35 pm »
The latest version isn't loading at all on my phone when I've got nordvpn running - why is it being blocked by nordvpn?

Do you have usage statistics? Google play only shows 1000 installs..

Any plans for more feed price details than just USD & CNY? Similarly any plans to allow borrowing assets other than CNY,USD,EUR,JPY,KRW?

The FAQ is only in Chinese, there's no english FAQ despite the english locale being set.

After translating the FAQ using Google Translate:
* section 2 lists current circulation as 2.6 B, it's closer to 2.75 B
* section 2.3 doesn't mention the refund400k threshold for workers?
* section 2.4 Voting does consume a small amount of BTS when you update your voting slate.
* section 3 still states that 1bitCNY = 1 CNY & that there is at least 1.75x backing collateral. This has been factually inaccurate for the last 6 weeks since BSIP76 was implemented. Please don't mislead users.
* section 8.1 mentions that BTS is the backing collateral asset, but UIA, MPA, EBA can also be used as backing collateral.
* section 8.2 isn't true for HERO, Hertz, Norns, and potentially other private smartcoins.
* section 8.3 again uses pre BSIP42 MCR values
* section 8.4.1 is currently factually incorrect for bitCNY & bitUSD as the current BSIP76 set threshold feed price is not based on current market rates. Further there can be committee fed & private price feed publisher lists for private smartcoins.
* section 8.5 again wrong MCR
* section 8.6 isn't correct for the bitassets, instead the feeds will seemingly be manipulated to spare you from the consequences of gambling to the detriment of bitasset holders.
* section 8.7 same incorrect MCR
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