Author Topic: Best linux distribution for a newbie  (Read 2264 times)

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Depends always on what you want to do with it.

If you want to understand Linux you should go for Gentoo :)

If you just want to use it like Windows or Mac, use Ubuntu or Mint.

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you can try it lists popular Linux distributions and those top ranked are mostly user friendly for beginners
also it provides basic description of the given distribution.

I'd suggest Debian or fedora since they are not that difficult and well established distributions with good documentation and lots of resources on the internet.
my personal favorite is Gentoo Linux for the outstanding documentation this project provides.
Good luck.
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I agree with most of the posters here: Ubuntu/Linux Mint would be the right choice for anyone coming fresh out of Microsoft Windows. However, as many suggested, you'll be ok with any modern desktop Linux distribution.

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ubuntu, fedora, suse are fine

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If you're coming from Windows, Linux Mint or Ubuntu will work for you.

After some practice with Linux, you may test OpenSUSE or Fedora.

Good luck!

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For a linux newbie, what is a good distribution to start out with?