Author Topic: Updates From Xypher And A Push For Transparency  (Read 1857 times)

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Updates From Xypher And A Push For Transparency
« on: April 03, 2016, 12:09:42 pm »
Hey guys,

I've been away from the community for the past 3'ish weeks. Admittedly, I've been dealing with a good case of founder depression.
Its not the case where you want to kill yourself, but rather the one where you have no clue of what you're feeling down for / end up in bed all day long.
It had nothing to do with my professional life. Am repeatedly reaching new peaks. In academia, I had my paper acknowledged and landed 3 job offers from leading VC firms in the region I am from. I could say it has something to do with my personal life - as its been pretty much non existent for a good 3'ish years now.
This post, however has nothing to do with any of that. Its a  list of updates and a push for transparency in regards to my work on

Kuro and hybridd have been consistently making excellent value additions to the system while ensuring there isn't a lack of leadership for the project in my absence and am grateful to them for the same. This is what has been going on with the project so far

-For those wondering, yes, we had a number of individuals here backing us with an internal fund raiser about 4 months back
-There will be no share-drop (as of now) - as we are yet to see the benefit of one, in capitalistic terms. I understand the socialist ideology that shared ownership leads to faster growth of the enterprise, but I am yet to see a good example of this happening.
-Our referral program is active right now. We give upto 30 percent of house income to individuals promoting the project.
-There is an on-going ICO. I'll be sharing details regarding it once I speak to our existing investors from Bitshares.
-Sports has been integrated into the project. It will be live over the coming week
-I am looking for a team of market-makers with interest in speculating on in-game items. The mark-ups on some of the items are upto 30 percent and there is a large amount of volatility
-We are soon to start our PR /Social media campaigns, so in case there is a community group where that happens - I would love to interact with the team.

I've been discussing a means to push for transparency with some of our current investors. I think it is important that I keep at least the business front of the project as open as possible. This is because, usually in the crypto-sphere, founders are left with an idea, fair amount of money and no set structure to follow. In the lack of external motivation, projects wind down to nothing and a lack of accountability leads for further destruction of share-holder value. Additionally, a large amount of time is wasted in terms of updating all stake holders of the project over time. I see myself having to either make threads or message parties in regards to the project. Often times this works against my own best interests as I would either lose out on the tiny bits and pieces of news that does need to be conveyed or focus heavily on things that dont matter to make stake holders feel progress is actually occurring. Being transparent further helps leverage the networks and skillsets of those following the project to garner growth for the enterprise.

A major malady I've seen amongst those working on the business front of such projects is a lack of accountability or results to show. When working on the product, it is easy to show a functional product and prove your work - but the same often does not apply to business functions such as networking, pitches or marketing. They could be tracked in terms of metrics, but accountability is still not proven without transparency.

Keeping these in mind, and my own desire to deliver the best for the project and its backers, I will be maintaining a public trello in regards to the project. You may feel free to criticize constructively, suggest alternative routes or add upon things I could do differently with the project. I will furthermore be using this thread as an official track record of business functions of the project. More than, solely ensuring transparency of the project, it will work as a good way for me to stay motivated in regards to work and a solid track record of the growth of the project.

The trello can be seen here :

Feel free to make enquiries/suggestions/changes as necessary, here.
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Re: Updates From Xypher And A Push For Transparency
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2016, 10:56:38 pm »
This is great news, I appreciate your communication.  As one of the bigger early investors, I look forward to understanding better the relationship between the early investor GameBet tokens vs the Gamebet coins crowd-sale.  Really excited to see sports integrated, so much potential.  Once you guys eventually add a prediction market down the road to this project, it'll hit another level. I like the fact you moved to Trello, it allows holders to keep up to date with progress without having to keep pulling on your time.  Looking at some previous BitShares 3rd party products, I believe this would have eased many of the concerns.

Congrats on the job offers!
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