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Dear Bitshares Community and Committee Members,

Argentina Bitshares Team would like to take this opportunity to express its interest in having its very own SmartCoin: BitArs.

As you may know Argentina has the biggest Bitcoin Community in Latin America, we also have one of the largest Bitshares Meetup Groups in the world. We are sure that this high level of interest in Cryptocurrencies together with the economic potential of being the third economy of the region gives BitARS inmense growth opportunities.

Providing Liquidity

We understand that one of the main concerns of the Committee for creating more SmartCoins is liquidity, however our Team Members have agreed to provide initial liquidity and we will also create a liquidity Bot that has already been tested and proven successful on the CAD and EUR markets (special thanks to @kenCode , @mauritso  @linouxis9  and @xeroc ).

Moreover, @ElMato is currently negotiating with one big investor who would add a couple of BTC worth of BitARS to the market.

We would also like to invite the whole community to trade this coin, we believe that the actual high value of the Peso and current the low BTS price represents a good shorting opportunity for Bitshares believers.

The price feed

Currently we have 2 witnesses that can provide feeds for BitARS, @ElMato  and @rnglab , but ideally the feeds will be added to the Master so that all witness can provide it.

There are plenty of public APIs where we can get the feed from, this is just one of them we put as an example:


Team Argentina believes that it would be beneficial to the whole community if big amounts of BTS are locked as BitARS collateral, we can bring more businesses to Bitshares therefore increasing brand awareness and value to the platform.

If a BitARS SmartCoin is created Team Argentina will make sure to provide liquidity and market this SmartCoin to bring new money to the whole Bitshares ecosystem.

We look forward for the Committee’s response regarding this request and to any suggestions and comments from Bitshares Community.

Best Regards,

Signed by:

@ElMato                               @hcf27                                   @fran2k                                             @rnglab

EDIT: we will also be able to provide a 1:1 conversion to real pesos at the Bitcoin Embassy in Buenos Aires

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have submitted a worker proposal to create BitARS. It is important to state that BitARS will be transfered to the Committe Account after creation. We hope to have your support :)
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