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I have been following memory coin for quite a while, reading and lurking on the forum as i mine a miserable amount from my laptop. I was really hopeful about the future of the coin and liked the idea of voting and the elected positions. But this is turning out to be a freaking circus. No transparency. Real mafia talk. No diplomacy whatsoever and the *elected* officers doing nothing to keep the community together even though they are paid for it.

You were elected as CEO, CTO and co of something that still has a market cap of 500k+$ last time i checked. You should consider acting like it. There is great concepts and development behind the coin and yes some of the elected officials are responsible for it (and they deserve respect for that} but what makes an alt coin stand out nowadays is the community and the trust. And it is quite obvious that the trust today is at a low point. I don't see the harm of being more transparent and less on the defensive. This is a damn schoolyard and instead of trying to appease everybody and act like the position you were elected for you are the face of what's shady in a currency. I am not saying you did any real wrong, but that doesn't matter. Every time an officer speaks i feel like he just wants to make an example of what is a PR disaster.

Get your shit together. You are the face of the coin.

You may think it is just my opinion, but at that point, that would just be being naive.

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Edit: I apologize for the topic change. I just wanted to react in regards of the comment left in this thread that really seemed to be out of line...
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