Author Topic: The future of the forum?  (Read 45246 times)

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Is discussion formally moving over to the bitshares page on steem?

there needs to be a place for beginners in bitshares to go and get information easily such as:

how to get bitshares?
how to use openledger
3-4 different choices of blockchain explorers right now I can only think of 2, cryptofresh and openledger.
how does bitshares work? witnesses? workers? committee members?

I know bitshares is always changing and I think it's changed by far, on the whole, for the better, but we can't let the communication get all tangled up more than it already is. needs to point people in all the right directions.

Let's discuss where the discussion is taking place. I like steem, seems steemy. Saunas are hot.

I guess if nobody responds that's kinda an answer too.