Author Topic: Cryptofresh worker "Current Balance" bug  (Read 1696 times)

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@Chronos - I'm having a hard time seeing why the balance wouldn't be refreshing! It used to be cached but now the value should be loaded directly from the node. Restarting the the site updated the numbers.. I'll check back on it in a few days.

As to the green bits -- dannotestein nailed it, it's the margin by which a worker is considered "in". It shows the relative amount of support you can stand to lose without losing funding.  |  witness: roadscape

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I suspect the current balance simply isn't recalculated all the time on cryptofresh. You can see your current "unclaimed pay" under the "voting" page in the webwallet for an up-to-date accounting (shows you have 36110 bts as of this posting).

As to the green banding, I've always been curious as to its meaning too. My guess is it's the voting amount by which the given worker exceeds the first non-voted-in worker, from looking at the relative sizes of the green bands. Fast/Safe/High-Liquidity Crypto Coin Converter

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Hi @roadscape,

I'm sure this is really minor, but I just wanted to point it out. My worker has been in effect for more than 24 hours, but Cryptofresh shows the wrong amount of Current Balance, 15,277. Shouldn't it be more than Daily Pay (16,666 BTS)?

My wallet shows a vesting amount of 35,415.24966 BTS currently, which is probably the correct Current Balance. It does have a 30-day vesting period, so maybe that's throwing it off.

Or maybe I don't understand what Current Balance means. By the way, would you like to explain the green bits in the bars, while you're at it?  :)