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Nice idea and timing.  With steem gaining traction, it should point new users to the bitshares website.

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I think a better option would be

You set a budget and make a contest. Digix did the same for their current website

A bunch of designers create the mock ups then the community votes for the best one.

This way you can probably get the most out of any budget is approved for this | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads

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I love this. Very well put together and presented. A lot of people put their feedback in to this.
I support this.  +5%

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Dear BitShares Community,

I would like to propose the following first worker to build an awesome new web presence. The goal is to first create a couple of new mockups for the website. I will pick a professional and experienced designer who will internalize our vision, our message and create an awesome design while keeping our current colors and branding in place.

If we like the new design suggestions, I will set up a second worker for the development team and implementation of the design into the new website.

Worker NameBitShares Website Mockup
Timeline19.07.2016 - 31.07.2016
Budget in EUR1,000€
Budget in BTS303,030 BTS

Please vote now!!!

The job description can be found here:

The new website content can be found here:

The overall roadmap is:

1. Create an awesome set of website mockups
2. Choose the best-suited mockup
3. Get a website development bit
4. Start a second worker to fund the development of the new website
5. Set milestones and timeline for development
6. Develop new website based on the mockup

I will partner up with the expert marketing team of Flame They will create a fresh, clean new interface for the website. We are also planning to create a set of new infographics to explain to newcomers how BitShares works and what kind of awesome products can be built on top of BitShares.

Petra and here team have +30 years experience in business consultancy and marketing and are currently working for the Fraunhofer institute in Germany. Here are some of here latest case studies .

The old forum threads have been:,22218.0.html

Ideas and feedback always welcome!!

Best regards,


CEO of BitShares Munich and BitShares Committee Member
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