Author Topic: improvements if we want grow and more volume  (Read 1219 times)

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I assume that as in other marketplaces volume is the first goal, couse other goals like reliability the bitshares reach very good.

I will give some tips from my experience of wich improvements would be important to follow.

-design, visualization. For users 70% of choose one or other marketplaces depends on the platform/their visualization. i.ex: ninjatrader, . Poloinex, etc.. When people link their market price with in example candlesticks on twitter, huge people watch it. But they cant see an atractive place to trade/buy shares.
-obits/new webs,.. those desing of web are extremelly messy. Like if someone pic pictures and just deploy. Not much clear desing of those webs.
-price movements. To run an asset would be more atractive to have an option of have a bot price moving where we could set up a liquidity pool. That would help asset issuers to keep price moving and liquidity flow.
-help weak asset: there are many death assets, probably couse issuers and traders always watch same markets on the marketplace. It would be good some kind of rotative main markets. That would encourage a chance for low volume markets.
Well just some opinion that could help to empower the bitshares enviroment.