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And owned over 99% by the developers who paid the exchanges handsomely to list it...or so I heard.

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LBRY is the first fully encrypted, and the block chain on the establishment of open source content publishing platform. The platform allows users to publish information, and to bypass the middlemen, direct contact with consumers. The built in credit rating system will allow content creators to gain profit by this job. Large companies like YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, all of the online release of the contents of the strict control, but the LBRY encryption applications, may be completely subvert the way to share information on the internet.
The content that the user is uploaded to LBRY will be encrypted, and the distributed memory will be recorded on the block chain. If no publisher's decryption key, no one can access the full content. Users can obtain a copy of the key by giving the publisher integral, and the publisher gets the profit by this way.
LBRY platform for LBC users through tokens,  by registered mail to obtain 25 LBC awards!

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