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Good idea! do it !  +5%
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The Chinese version of “Bitshares's Evil Plan for Cryptocurrency World Domination” has published.,22897.0.html

500bitCNY for translation to English.
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My 2nd post will be: "Bitshares's Evil Plan for Cryptocurrency World Domination"

please vote!

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I am a professor of China University of Petroleum,I became a true believer of Bitshares in 2013,and deeply involved in the Bitshares community.

I translated dan’s “genesis Post” and “Marketing Direction - Why not How or What...” to Chinese to spread the idea of Bitshares.

As dan said in his post “I have set out on a mission in life to find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property and BitShares is my evolving approach to this problem”,I and Bitshares community have two questions for you @bytemaster to answer:

1.   What’s the relationship between Bitshares and Steem?

2.   Are you continuing to adhere to the mission in life?


Genesis Post

Posted by Daniel Larimer on December 15, 2014.

Every blog requires a first post, so it is only fitting for a blog that discusses the power of blockchain technology start with a genesis post. This blog is a new beginning in my effort to communicate my vision for a new world. If I am going to change the world then it would be helpful for everyone who wants to help if they knew where I was going.

My mission in life is to find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all against all. This is a daunting mission and one that few people have dared travel down, but one that I am compelled to tackle. If I am successful then society as we know it will operate on an entirely voluntary and therefore non-violent basis. Governments will not be overthrown; they will become irrelevant.

The premise behind my mission is that the existence of “evil” such as theft, murder, rape, etc does not necessitate nor justify “good” people using the same actions. Theft does not become “OK” just because someone calls it “taxation”. Using the threat of violence to collect taxes is equally evil as using the threat of violence to rob someone at gun point. I choose to believe that in all cases resorting to taxation and violence is unnecessary and counter productive and that there exists a free market solution free of all coersion if we are brave enough to seek it out.

This blog will dive deep into many philosophical discussions in pursuit of a logically consistant world view that provides a viable approach to secure our life, liberty, and property today without having to beg or fight. I will frequently reference the work of other great thinkers and engage in discussion with all as we explore the possabilities.

For many of you the ideas presented in this blog will seem radical, infeasible, and downright idealistic. I encourage you to suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to explore this site in depth and engage the community with your questions and concerns.

I cannot change the world alone, but together we can create a world where we can all live in peace and prosperity.,10620.0/topicseen.html

Marketing Direction - Why not How or What...

on: October 27, 2014, 01:38:32 PM

I would like to take a step back and help us all reflect on why we are doing what we are doing and what it is that has created this community in the first place.

I have set out on a mission in life to find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property and BitShares is my evolving approach to this problem. Many people have joined us because of this vision and have become a fan because of what we believe more so than what we have built. In the middle of our success it is easy to lose sight of what is bringing us all together and what really matters.

Does our technology help us achieve our purpose, freedom. Who should our technology appeal to? It should appeal to those who want economic freedom in both trade and wealth.

Selling BitShares as a "company" with X, Y, Z features is approaching the space like Dell and not Apple. Lets reimagine everything, think out side the box and create a society where we can be secure and where threats of violence by the government are overwhelmed by non-violent cooperation. We all long for freedom, it is universal. We all long for security. No one likes theft and violence.

The problem we have is that most people won't choose to adopt BitUSD because of its yield or merchant adoption. They will first choose to adopt it because it resonates with something DEEP within... they do it "just because"... to make a statement to the outside world that there is a different way.

So lets not sell a product with features... lets let people know what we believe and stand for. Lets let the world know that owning BitShares or buying BitUSD is about making a statement not making an investment. Bitcoin grew because it allowed people to make a statement... but it was too volatile for more than the true believers in the vision to hold. BitUSD gives the true believers a safe place to express themselves backed by extreme believers. You don't accept BitUSD at your business just because it is better than a credit card, you accept it to make a point and that point is that you believe in freedom, transparency, and individual financial sovernty.

I don't know about you, but this vision is not based upon a share price and does not depend upon any set of features. It is something that we can build for ourselves at any scale if we can attract like minded people.

So... lets go change the world!
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