Author Topic: [ANN] The UK based Razorwind and their token DeOS NOW traded on Openledger  (Read 1658 times)

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We are pleased to offer the token DeOS  from Razorwind developers available for pre-launch trading on OpenLedger

Here's how you can trade an ICO token before anyone else...

OpenLedger and its DeOS ICO subscribers have access to a limited amount of DeOS coins of totally 100 000, and have started to make OpenLedger IOU asset OPEN.DEOS available for trading in selected markets.

A special 48 hours extension offered from Razormind connected with 50 000 DeOS(1000 DeOS per 1 BTC excl. 4% subscription service) of the total 100 000 will end in another 9 hours more or less. It ends at 22.00 Danish time or 4 pm EST New York time tonight sunday 31st of July 2016

some 18 BTC has been received so far for the option to trade the DeOS on OpenLedger, and another 32 is still available out of 50 in total.

After an inital week with more than 3 500 BTC achieved Razormind moved their interest to getting bigger investors with their change in rate from 1000 BTC to 500 per BTC since Friday, however, as a special courtesy to OpenLedger users they have been offered a chance to still to take part as early investors.

It does allow anyone buying at present rate to actually sell DeOS at almost double price and still offer lower than the official site:

Not bad for any traders

You may send OPEN.BTC to the account: ico.openledger and write in memo: DeOS for any orders within the above total of 32 BTC, first come first served.

10 BTC already apart from above has already been invested by ICOO itself, so if you are an ICOO holder, you are also already investing in the DeOS. This offer is mainly aimed at the traders out there.

Your sincerely

Ronny Boesing

ICOO is also about to end, please see a great article just released on Steemit:

Once DeOS coins are released at launch time, the same IOU asset (OPEN.DEOS) currently trading during pre-launch(ICO still ongoing untill end of August will become freely transferrable and withdrawable. You will also be able to make HEAT deposits to OpenLedger at that time.

You can read more also on the LIVE ICO thread on CCEDK:

and also just as importantly here:


ICOO itself:






Welcome to OpenLedger - Smart Trading Decentralized

All the best

Ronny Boesing
CCEDK / OpenLedger / CoinsBank

Public Profile Linkedin:

SHHH! please don't tell anyone :) Not enough for all to buy/b]


ICOO official ICO subscribe escrow account by default

Whether you wish to subscribe to the DeOS ICO or any other in future, it is possible at all times to send your funds to the OpenLedger/CCEDK offical ICO subscribe escrow account with the ICO you wish to join mentioned in memo. IMPORTANT: name of ICO in memo. When ICO has started, OPEN asset of the ICO in question will be sent to the subscribers having sent funds, respectively.


Direct link to account already signed up:

Information on this account if not signed up just yet:


OpenLedger official escrow account for the ICO DeOS

For every ICO prelaunch on OpenLedger or any ICO presented on OpenLedger there will be an escrow acccount connected to this ICO, and same account will be acting as marketmaker with funds supported by ICOO itself.

Official account of OpenLedger for the ICO DeOS is: deos

Direct link to account already signed up:

Information on this account if not signed up just yet:


Wish to subscribe?, follow below link to CCEDK website with more information:



ICO OpenLedger website


Official account of ICO OpenLedger:

Place your orders directly on OpenLedger, send your funds to account above: icoo


If you have not yet opened an account, now is the time.  Just follow the "Get Started" video (Tutorial #1) below for the best first-time experience. Welcome.

Here's our tutorial video that shows how you how to get started on OpenLedger.

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Here's our new tutorial video that shows how you can fund your OpenLeder account with Bitcoin.

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on how to participate in an ICO on OpenLedger.

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