Author Topic: about witness "bue"  (Read 1245 times)

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it's FUD without proof...

anyways, good reminder to re-check witnesses & amend votes. will do this today

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according to the info I collected from China community, the man behind witness "bue" is sfinder, a famous cheater in China cryptocurrency area.
if this is the fact,  we should definitely remove "bue" from witness slate immediately, it's a shame to let a cheater hide there.
this old post shows what sfinder has done in the past:,10937.0.html

however, I am 95%, but not 100% sure what I collected is the fact, to be careful, I set the title of this thread as "about witness "bue"" instead of "please remove "bue" from witness slate". if you know more about "bue", please post it here as proof for community to reach a decision.

to bue: if you are not sfinder, please claim here and provide evidence about who you are.

cheaters are always good at lying, so just being nice is not enough, being careful is always a must.