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Great News :) 

excited to watch you grow :)

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Dear All,

This post is written as a preliminary introduction to what we as Bitkapital have been doing over the last 5 months, and to outline our future projections briefly.

Our website is, which is operated by Bitkapital Trading Ltd., a free zone company formed in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus upon the approval of the Council of Ministers. The company is authorized to pursue brokerage, financial advisory, fund management, and securities dealing businesses outside of Cyprus.

We dedicate our work to the investment-related developments in the legal, financial, and technological aspects of the ecosystem based on the blockchain technology. Currently, the Bitshares network constitutes the entirety of our blockchain infrastructure, on which we issue, define, and trade crypto-assets in order to provide our services in the investment sector.

First and foremost, Bitkapital will operate as a gateway for Turkish lira. Since the sole operative bitcoin exchange of Turkey was shut down, thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been in chaos. Many of them were scammed by opportunists; many  fell with exorbitant fees of the local traders; others paid international remittance fees to send their funds over international exchanges. Thus, our gateway solution will address the essential need of using Turkish lira to buy cryptocurrencies.

The Turkish cryptocurrency market size is expected to reach as high as 100 million USD according to the research (link in Turkish), and this means that the volumes of the markets in Bitshares' decentralized exchange might experience a significant uprise; so might, hopefully, the price of BTS.

Our services are currently in beta, and we plan to be fully operational in this month. Our immediate goals include the development of the user experience in Bitshares wallet. After simplifying the wallet in order for the non-technical user to be able to easily operate within the platform, we will direct out attention to offline transaction signing so as to render the Bitshares platform a more secure environment.

Our focus is not only on the investors who use Turkish lira. We will also have investment funds whose shares are defined on the blockchain. The operational structure of the funds is straightforward, that is, the funds collected through the sale of the fund shares will be managed by the fund managers and the yield will be distributed on the blockchain according to the term sheet of a particular fund. We also plan on providing our legal infrastucture as a service for those who wish to be a fund manager.

We hope that our involvement in the Bitshares community will strengthen the ecosystem financially and will carry its vision forward.