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Personally I would never try to touch this thing! but that is just me.

Also I find interesting the comments of Joseph in this stupid thread
Ctrl+F will save you time to find them.

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Sucks to have been so wrong on this one, but I still have hope they can launch the product soon. For better or worse I will double down at these levels. What do y'all think?

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For my part I am very bullish on this project mainly because I like what I hear and read about it, it seems to have fixed a lot of what I think are steemit issues like steempower being the bases for voting power. Also, they don't seem to be approaching the project in the same way at all, it seems as if they will not directly overlap the markets they are trying to help and reach. Steemit more like reddit and synereo more like a mix between Instagram/Facebook.

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Thoughts on this project? Both as a speculative asset, as a technology and the people behind it?

I am still developing by technical understanding of all things blockchain, but the project seems solid to me. I like that it is developing an example dapp at the inception. I like what they say about governance of smart contracts, that they recognize people are sometimes essential to contracts and a "code is law" system may not be practical. It is an open system like Etherem, but *claims* to have solved scaling issues as the first social network should exemplify.