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Are forum email notifications working?

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I think this has been going on for quite a while. I no longer seem to receive emails to notify of mentions, PMs, etc. Is anyone else having this problem?

I sent you a test message. Did it notify your inbox?


--- Quote from: Fox on January 13, 2017, 02:04:56 am ---I sent you a test message. Did it notify your inbox?

--- End quote ---

Ah just replied to your PM before seeing this. I did not get an email about the PM but I think that may be normal if you are already online on the forum when it is received? But I am pretty sure that I am not receiving emails for PMs when I am not on the forum for example I got a PM earlier today but no corresponding email. I'm looking at my email trashcan and it looks like the last time I successfully received a forum notification mail was Nov. 1 2016.

Just tried with my current @soledger.com address and also changing back to my previous @fastmail.com address. Not receiving any emails if I try to reset my password.

Edit: Nvm I seem to have just received a reset password link to my @fastmail.com address. Seems like there may be an issue with using the @soledger.com email so I will stay away from that for now.

For the record I am using https://www.pobox.com/ for our @soledger.com emails so I assume there is some incompatibility with their forwarding and the BitSharesTalk.org email sending.


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