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I'm helping out on this project, it seems that we have had ideal timing for 0 fee transactions to be allowed.
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This thread will provide a general site description and features requested by the community for  See the thread below for overall project description:

This is kind of..."let's see if we can use MMC to reverse-engineer Google Sign-in / +1"...everything seems familiar, except we're doing it a bit backwards...

Basically, we want to develop and demonstrate how a wallet ID could be used as a "universal sign-in" for social media sites, while also trying to organize some of the on-going community projects.  Votes from this wallet could be used as a "universal follow" method for existing social media interfaces. 

First, we plan to make a site to "re-base" all the on-going project information, "MMC-worthy" news, etc from community members to make it easier to navigate and organize by user profile.  Then, we can research and play with some of the social networking applications of MMC.

We'll have the typical "like / dislike" functionality for content rating, so users can vote to rank which project / content / etc other community members should focus on, and to "follow" other users.

The site would create a new MMC wallet as a "User ID" and the wallet would "vote" on the MMC blockchain when a user "follows" another user.  This way, users may voluntarily submit MMC address info to other sites and link followers at another site through the blockchain.  We plan to maintain content ratings on-site.  (Storing content ratings in the blockchain would result in excessive network load.)

This is basically using the MMC network as a universal sign-in and user-submitted cookies (bread-crumbs?) in the blockchain.  Except, personal info would be distributed and site-specific instead of controlled at a single central repository.  Sites could be designed with different market focuses, different registration requirements, and different rating values, yet still allow linking and following of MMC users across sites.

Please provide any comments or requests.  Below is a more formal write-up.

Community Procurement Specification


MMCPOST shall provide Execution, Network, and Marketing support functions.


MMCPOST shall function as a community development and networking site.    Officers, Candidates, Charities, Volunteers, and other community members may create or post links to off-site blog posts, trade offers, volunteer requests, community project proposals, MMC candidate campaign information, or other social networking user accounts.  Site shall allow users to rank content of other members and provide site navigation and search optimization based on content ranking.

A. User Profiles

Each user may maintain a site profile with content or off-site links for the following:

1. Blog - User posts of comments, suggestions, opinions, editorials, or news for the MMC
2. Storefront - User posts volunteering services to or offering services from other individual MMC members
3. Proposals - User-developed project proposals for community development or funding (Non-MVTE)
4. Campaigns - User-maintained campaign support pages for candidate projects (MVTE addresses)

B. Content Ranking

Site shall allow users to vote and/or rate content and links of other users.  Site shall provide search and navigation based on site ratings and/or MMC network ratings. Site shall maintain content ratings on-site.

Site shall allow users to "follow" another user.  Site shall create a new MMC wallet as a "User ID" for each user account.  The site wallet shall "vote" on the MMC blockchain when a user "follows" another user.  Users may voluntarily submit this ID to other sites and link followers through the blockchain. 
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