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This look really good ken. I love these.

I will get a couple for my car

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Yeah, be either @kenCode:

Cannot GET /img/_masters/Smartcoins-POS-stickers/src/large.pdf

When you copied them to the webserver you probably didn't chmod / chown the files (linux permission issue)

What a ton of work all those languages represent! You're really doing a ton to stimulate network effect Mr. Ken, excellent!
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Cannot GET /img/_masters/Smartcoins-POS-window-decals/window-decal-small-vi.pdf

pls update

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Smartcoins POS - "ACCEPTED HERE" stickers and window decals
Videos that give you an idea which size you should get:
Window Decals:
Here is the link to Vistaprint (use Firefox!) where you can "Use your complete design", upload the pdf and have it printed:
Window Decals:
Small Stickers:
Large Stickers:
Here are the originals in case you want to edit the text or create more languages:
LARGE and SMALL stickers: LARGE (horizontal) and SMALL window decals: Example:
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