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I have recently discovered this coin (IOC) after it was delisted from polo. 
It reminds me a lot of Bitshares and Syscoin, both of which I also like.   Roadmap is similar, but its market cap is far lower than SYS and BTS.
Has a major release coming within 2 months.   Dev team is very committed and purchased their coins with their own money, isntead of getting them in a premine.

This is imo a very very easy 10x at least once they release their product they have been working for over 2 years on.  Chart is also strong, the price is just above a very major support level that has held many times, but its currently cheap and has not yet pumped in this altcoin pump cycle. 

This is like Monero sub 200k.  

Its similar to Bitshares but all fees that the blockchain generates are paid directly to stakers, so you can also earn interest/dividends.  And the inflation is super low, below 1% a year.  I've been buying this 30-35k level. 

I found out about it from a pro trader on his podcast, who was raving about it.

Also, I recommend this coinigy podcast, I've been learning a bunch of trade setups to look for from it. | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads