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Apptrade Has Ended Its First ITO


Apptrade’s ITO has ended, and this innovative blockchain-based company is being future-proofed for growth, stability and success.

Powered by the digital token APPX, Apptrade creates portfolios, or groups, of apps, where if one of those apps becomes the next Instagram or Angry Birds, then the value of the portfolio rises.Each app portfolio is designed to ensure that every app included within it is supporting all the others through regularly scheduled updates, highly visible cross promotion, and a high standard of quality. App creators can launch a portfolio of their own, or join an existing portfolio, raising awaresness and revenue for their applications.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, stated, “Following our Shanghai meetup, we have received $150,000 USD from a Chinese investor on this project alone. The work on building the Apptrade platform will commence early June, and a second ITO will be announced once an estimated launch date for the beta release of the platform is known. In addition to the second ITO, Apptrade will unveil the first portfolios of apps, as interest increased in becoming part of these portfolios. We expect the second ITO to be around September 2017, with the launch of the platform scheduled for Q4 2017.”

“Any further support of the Apptrade platform can pledged with bts, bitUSD, btc or eth from any OpenLedger or BitShares network account to the official Apptrade account: ico.apptrade. The price of an APPX token at this stage is $1.00 USD per token. Send your proof of payment to and we will include a 50% bonus, PLUS a $0.49 USD valued OBITSWARRANT. This offer ends May 31st 2017.”
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Get your Apptrade Bonus Now!

GREAT NEWS FOR ALL PARTICANTS in the AppTrade Initial Token Offering (ITO). We have added a BONUS, allowing you to receive even more tokens in your wallet.

Every time someone in your network orders and pays using a unique link we will generate and email to you, a 3% BONUS on every paid order will be dropped into your account.

FURTHERMORE, everyone you refer will receive a 2% BONUS, just for using your link!

At each Stage during the ITO, there is a GOAL, and participants within these Stages get special BONUSES.

A temporary token, the APPX.WARRANT, will be sent to every participant on the first day of Stage 3, when the ITO has reached its minimum goal of $1Million USD.

All Master token APPX coins will be tradeable exactly one year from the launch of the Apptrade platform, upon when participants can convert temporary tokens to the official Master tokens.

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OpenLedger’s Apptrade (, the platform creating “Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain”, has received a $100,000 USD boost from OpenLedger ApS, the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate.

So, What’s in it for YOU?

1.  As an APPX sponsor you will benefit from a 20% of total Apptrade platform revenue which will be used to buy back APPX tokens from market and then burn, reducing the overall total supply. It allows each sponsor i.e. participant in the crowd sale, to either sell their tokens on the market or hold for growth.

2.  Any unsold tokens from crowdsale will be dropped on all participants, proportionally, after the ITO has ended.

3.  Only 8 million APPX tokens in total, plus 250,000 for marketing purposes. will be made available. Issuing new tokens will only happen if all 8.25M APPX tokens have been bought back and burned.

4.  As an early sponsor, until the minimum threshold of $1M USD has been reached, you will be offered a 25% discount on your order.

5.  Not only do you receive tokens representing the value of the future revenues from the Apptrade platform, you are also offered the option to buy into the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate of businesses during 2017 with the token OBITS.WARRANT dropped on all participants 1 token for every $1 USD spent.

6.  A temporary token APPX.WARRANT will be distributed to all participants from the first day the minimum threshold has been reached - and it is then possible to buy, sell, and trade this token on the OpenLedger decentralized exchange ( Then one year after launch, participants will be allowed to exchange their temporary token for the official APPX token. Information about this will happen 90 days prior to this date.

7.  Money Back Guarantee: If the minimum threshold has not been reached, funds used to sponsor the project will be returned in full.

So remember, The APPX token supply will be capped at maximum of $8.2M tokens, with no additional APPX tokens to be created — and APPX token holders are entitled to receive 20% as profit of the total gross revenue from all App Portfolios of Apptrade LLC, or its legal successors.

So don’t miss out — PARTICIPATE TODAY
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OpenLedger’s Apptrade (, the platform creating "Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain", has received a $100,000 USD boost from OpenLedger ApS, the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate.

Powered by the digital token APPX, Apptrade creates portfolios, or groups, of apps, where if one of those apps becomes the next Instagram or Angry Birds, then the value of the portfolio rises.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger ApS, explained that Apptrade’s initial token offering (ITO) changed its valuation in the middle of its crowd sale as an immediate response to the result of its preliminary offering. Boesing said, ‘The Apptrade platform is much too important to not succeed, and it was clear that we needed to adjust the valuation to make it more appealing to anyone deciding to participate. In addition, we wanted to show our belief in this project, and felt that there was no better way to show this than putting our money where our mouth is. OpenLedger will be adding a total of $100 000 USD to the Crowdsale over the next 7 days.”

The minimum fundraising goal is $1M USD with a cap of $5M USD. With a total of 8.25M APPX tokens on offer, OpenLedger's Apptrade ApS will back these tokens with 20% of the future revenue from the Apptrade platform. Any unsold tokens will be distributed proportionally to all participants.

All early bird participants, as well new participants, will receive the extra tokens according to the published Stage 1 structure, plus benefit from the additional tokens to be divided.

Daniel Pineda, Founder of Apptrade says, "After listening carefully to feedback from public and private supporters, and with great consideration, we decided to update our master token valuation. We firmly believe that our platform, built on the ecosystem of OpenLedger and powerful BitShares financial trading technology, is a strong Blockchain project that will be a success for years to come. We feel that this is the right action to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all.”

Apptrade’s final valuation is going to be based on the amount raised, whether $1M USD as its threshold or money back guarantee, or the maximum of $5M USD. The valuation of the Apptrade platform will be determined on what is raised. The deadline according to the escrow agreement is set to end on April 30 2017.

Boesing continued, “This approach and change of valuation resulted from requests from within the community, and we hope to accommodate many more participants. But one thing is clear to all of the Early Birds - this is your lucky day!”

So don’t miss out – PARTICIPATE TODAY

Also read more on Forbes:

Wall Street 'Stockmarket Of Apps' Crowdfund Scores $100,000 From Blockchain Exchange
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OpenLedger - Truly decentralized crypto trading platform for novice and professional traders

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Welcome to the Apptrade’s master token sale powered by OpenLedger’s crowdfunding and digital branding solutions.
OpenLedger & Ronny Boesing present Apptrade, “ the stock market of apps “ platform.  More specifically an app portfolio marketplace.  Each portfolio is a crowdfunded campaign featuring a group of apps, backing a shared reserve.

Tokens are an ideal medium for carrying out app portfolio profit sharing.
Since Apptrade is a platform that asks users to raise capital using tokens,  it was only natural that the platform itself would have a master token that serves as a clean and transparent way to gain support from the public.
Tokens simplifies funding compared to traditional outlets. At the same time offering an opportunity to “share the wealth” from the earnings of all potential app portfolios.

Apptrade is pledging  10% of all potential reserves to the APPX master  token.

How we distribute our token revenue internally:

OpenLedger is helping startups like Apptrade, to reach their goals, and at the same time making sure all master token holders are given real-time updates that reinforce their ever growing trust in a project.
OpenLedger is making sure that protocol and payments are done in strict accordance with published milestones.

WHAT IS OpenLedger
OpenLedger started out as a decentralized exchange. It has now become  a  decentralized conglomerate and has developed many businesses supported by recently revamped cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK.
OpenLedger is a startup crowdfunding service provider, information exchange and ITO access point open to the public so anyone can participate in “deals of the future”. For the first time crypto speculators of the world have the ability to get in front of the all the “professional”, “smart” money and reap the rewards that are usually reserved for a privileged few.

Apptrade LLC and OpenLedger ApS Relationship
With  regards to the APPX master token crowdsale and future rounds of funding OpenLedger ApS is the beneficiary of all funds, and will be releasing funds to their Apptrade project according to set milestones in accordance with platform user growth and total portfolio valuation Part of the early milestones is to create company in Denmark by the name OpenLedger's Apptrade ApS with the main shareholder being AppTrade LLC and a smaller part being OpenLedger ApS to be the official entity for all future Apptrade operations. All future revenues and dividends related to these portfolios will be distributed to the master token holders by OpenLedger ApS in cooperation with Openledgers' Apptrade ApS.

Before explaining our master token sale, let’s get into the details about Apptrade :


What Will Apptrade Let Users Do?
Buy and trade digital royalties on the blockchain.  Dividends from digital app revenues are the highlight of Apptrade’s portfolio marketplace.

Instead of browsing single projects often rewarded with a perk, get profits from a group of digital based projects.
Each app portfolio is a profit sharing open market. Token offerings without the equity, without ownership in companies and the burden of development. App portfolios are collections of raw digital goods. Multiple projects per “campaign.” Each pitching in profits to power their portfolio’s token reserve.
With blockchain smart contracts and a decentralized exchange, app publishers can create their own “mutual funds” and raise capital without involving equity. App publishers share a digital reserve, if one app fails the others may balance out.  Used as collateral, each portfolio’s reserve sells its own supply of tokens.

Anyone holding a portfolio token would be tied into a profit sharing mechanism controlled by a DAPP.


For app publishers its crowdfunding on a blockchain. Full service platform that will run on the Bitshares decentralized exchange. A group of apps may self organize into app portfolios, participating in a collaborative funding and distribution model for raising funds.


Too much competition for the exposure of apps (Click here for article)
●      Ad networks cater to the top 1% of developers.
●      Many developers have no UA strategy.


SOLUTION: Collaborative funding and marketing. By “app linking” Apptrade  connects apps that share a portfolio. Helping publishers compete as a group. Ultimately apps have a listing for their exits.

How Do App Developers Benefit?
1. Increased exposure. Cross marketing within a portfolio of apps.
2. Collaborative funding goes towards app’s monetization and distribution.
3. After apps grow in a portfolio, they’ll have a chance to get acquired.

Requirements For Listing An App
●     Agree to an exclusive 24 month distributors license and broker agreement
●     Contribute a percentage of monthly revenue ** ( tier)
●     Link to the other apps. Participate in cross marketing efforts.
*Percentage is on a tier. The monthly contribution decreases
 as the value of the app exceeds the original listing value.


“Test drive” a group of ideas before committing to an acquisition.
Sponsors profit from a range of apps without owning the apps.

 NOTE: There is a distinction between portfolio tokens holders that we describe as “sponsors”and the master token APPX.   

Sponsors are portfolio token holders who are different from the MASTER token holders. We will be growing our portfolios marketplace after raising funds through our initial APPX token sale.

Supporting a group of apps might reduce risk over single projects at a time.
●     The 1 in 10 success rate still stands true for apps.
●     App developments costs are high. 

SOLUTION: App portfolios and the blockchain. Risk is diversified across a  portfolio of apps and other digital goods. Improved environments for trade with less friction between participants.

Target Market For App Portfolios And Virtual Goods 
Investment banks, structured settlement firms, factoring firms, gold companies, REITS and sovereign funds.

An Exit Strategy For Apps
 Major tech and media companies : Alphabet, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Sony, Disney. These firms don't have the time to scale original developments. So they shop sourcecode marketplaces in search of low cost prototypes to acquire.

Trust Must Scale
To achieve this initial trust on the platform, Apptrade facilitates the connection between makers and their sponsors.

●     Universal design for the app portfolio tokens.
●      In keeping with regulation, compliant ready smart contracts have the key features needed to operate a legitimate market.
●     Apptrade gradually rolls out the supply of  tokens for sale, giving each portfolio market a chance to raise capital as their portfolio inventory demands.

Track the performance of app portfolios on a private dashboard that can  be viewed with a login.

●     See fiscal trajectory of each portfolio.
●     Data reflects portfolio’s market activity from OpenLedger.
●    See individual app analytics.

Apptrade Business Model
●     Apptrade will earn a fee when portfolios raise capital.
●     Apptrade earns a fee when we broker the sale of an app brand.


Now let's get back to our master token APPX

Keep in mind we are seeking private funding along with public funding. Private capital will be added to the pot of main fundraising sales goal.

Post Token Sale Objectives


May 2017 Building platform on boarding participants and attracting market influencers that will try app portfolios as an allocation.

Stage 2 - GROWTH

Anybody can take part in singling out the best performers within flagship portfolios before Q2 of 2018. Share data to coordinate their promotional willpower in the direction of apps showing signs of virality. Consolidate funding towards the chosen few, that might sustain the rest. 
Analytics include gathering sentiment, via polling and raw statistical information on the performance of apps.
Accelerated promotions with legitimate worldwide campaigns.
Translation of all campaign materials.


Once an app is proven itself on the platform, contributing to accelerating the app broker program. Ultimately, adding more apps and liquidity to We invite others to explore this opportunity with us.

All revenue payments will be made by OpenLedger and will be to registered owners of APPX tokens on the anniversary date of the closing of the ITO.

Goal : $2 Million USD
with a Minimum Threshold: $1 Million USD

Funds raised from APPX token revenue is for platform development and business administration. App portfolios will raise the majority of their funds with their own token reserves.

 One app going viral on the platform activates the “rising tide” principle. When this event occurs our promotional bounties will receive more engagement.

If the minimum amount of $1 million USD is not raised, then all funds will be returned. The fundraising will be capped at $5 million USD. This will be determined at the end of master token sale.

All funds in bitcoin will be dispersed according to the milestone timeline and be administered by BraveNewCoin using a multi signature wallet administered by three people or companies. Ronny Boesing, CEO OpenLedger, Ronald Kramer, Chairman Bitshares Foundation and BraveNewCoin (BNC) as lead Escrow Agent.

Escrow structure

The BTC master address where escrow funds are forwarded to is : 3EnTHtVm33nBm1CnEsxni8C4AAgm7Zg2cb (DO NOT SEND DIRECTLY TO THIS ADRESS, BUT USE THE GENERATED ADDRESSES OFFERED in order module on ITO page .)

Escrow signatories will be:
•Ronny Boesing – Founder of OpenLedger / incubator of the App Trade Platform
•Ronald Kramer, member of the BitShares Foundation Board.
• Fran Strajnar CEO of Brave New Coin (BNC) & Blockchain Labs; Lead Escrow and governance advisor.

The full escrow agreement in details can be found on the ITO page as pdf download

Apptrade has the backing and support of Ronny Boesing, owner of  OpenLedger ApS, a company registered in Denmark, part of EU. OpenLedger has the marketplace for smartcoin creation also named the DEX or the decentralized exchange.
Apptrade is partnering with the decentralised conglomerate OpenLedger DC with the registered company OpenLedger ApS as base. The Apptrade portfolio marketplace exists as a series of master accounts on the OpenLedger DC.  Openledger will create these accounts that will be issuing the first series  of portfolio offerings.

●     Upon securing institutional support or lead investor, market makers will help provide the initial liquidity to power the momentum of the APPX master token sale. Private funding combine with a token sale will satisfy our development goals.
●     Apptrade becomes an association for app brokerage houses. Setting guidelines and best practices for app portfolio management. As each portfolio meets a minimal standard of quality that is outlined in our welcome packets.
●     Apptrade is standardizing decentralized funding using turnkey blockchain-assets and inventing an alternative asset in the process.

All APPX coins will be tradeable one year after the first day the ITO concludes.

The master tokens will be dropped on the accounts one year after the launch of the platform. The APPX tokens would be “dropped” onto all account holders of the temporary token called WARRANT.APPX. This includes distributing revenues, paid in bitcoin (listed as the asset OPEN.BTC on OpenLedger), that may have accrued leading up to the first token drop. Dividends will be paid quarterly thereafter in bitcoin as well. All activities related to the master token is handled by Danish OpenLedger ApS acting as custodian for the tokens as well as all revenues and dividend payouts.
Each tier is a goal and those that contribute within these tiers get special bonuses. A temporary token called WARRANT.APPX will be sent to every participant on the first day of Tier 2, which will be the time also that the project will have reached its minimum goal of 1 million USD.

Special BONUS offer
A special added bonus in the form of an OBITS.WARRANT s offered to all sponsors, participating within the goal of 5 million USD. All participants will also receive this OBITS.WARRANT equivalent to the amount sponsored in USD value..

This warrant will alllow you to buy the official token of OpenLedger at any given time in 2017 at the fixed price of 1 OBITS.WARRANT = 0,16 USD per OBITS.

Apptrade’s APPX master token is not a representation of Apptrade LLC market cap.
Apptrade will utilize the token revenue to integrate the blockchain with the platform in progress.

Early bird token page 

Frequently Asked Questions


Apptrade is about to Disrupt the App Economy with Blockchains and Billions

Bitcoin IRA: Initiating Coverage of APPX (Apptrade)








A percentage of the APPX is reserved for early-stage marketing and bounty campaigns which will be distributed to everyone who contributes to the Apptrade launch before and during the token sale.
We offer bounties for: translations and forum moderation,
Bitcointalk signatures: information coming soon

We are looking for translators:

(we’re new, help us grow)

Twitter: @theapptrade
Instagram: @theapptrade
Steemit: apptrade[/member]]@apptrade

Telegram : @apptrade[/size]

Core Team
Daniel Pineda, CEO
Jeffrey Meyers, CFO
Alex Tchaikovsky, COO

Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger ITO Team

Development Team
Brian Lemster, Technology Advisor - Halcyon
Christefano Reyes, Tech Advisor
America Lopez, Blockchain Developer - Cybercode Twins

Apptrade intends to bring the mainstream financial community to the world of trading asset backed tokens. Providing a digestible context for wholesale and retail speculators.
Given most cryptocurrency values are tied to a core coin that is dependent on mass usership of the blockchain. Our app portfolio tokens will have the potential to explode in value without requiring large numbers of user adoption. If an app under our 2 year agreement goes viral and increases their monthly contributions, the entire portfolio may buzz with activity.
Suddenly an unknown portfolio token's reserve may become a great fortune for an obscure group of participants.
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