Author Topic: Success of Bitshares and BTS Vs Others  (Read 1777 times)

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You will have to do much research to see how it compares to waves and other's to determine where you see the marketcap going.  I am not an expert on Waves however Bitshares has been around for years with solid development behind it.  The DPOS technology and the way fee's, rules, etc... can all be changed almost on the fly is quite amazing technology.

In regards to OpenLedger vs Bitshares.  OpenLedger is an exchange just like Poloniex, BTER, etc... that simply uses the BitShares blockchain.  You will see assets such as open.BTC or open.ETH, these are OpenLedger assets and they receive fee's etc from trading those assets.  They also provide an on/off ramps for example to either move the open.BTC to real BTC or even FIAT currency.  By doing this we are always in control of our funds unlike sending them to a third party exchange such as poloniex where they can freeze your account or not let you withdraw funds.

You can also try the desktop wallet which is usually much faster compared to using

This is also very, very interesting:  (you may need to change the upper case S in Stan to lowercase stan)

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I want to invest longterm in Bitshares/ BTS, i just want to know what does community members think about BTS price in some time,

other exchanges like Waves are also there and more are coming, wouldn't that give much more competition to BitShares, what advantages does Bitshares have to overcome the competition ?

Finally what association does Bitshares have with ? Please explain