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BackingAssetValue = [USD | XDR] //Still need to decide on basing it against the USD or the XDR/SDR.

Love the idea. I understand the aim is a stable reliable price(?) but using an IMF product just seems icky. Maybe the USD isn't any better.
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What is Hertz?

Hertz is a highly experimental Market Pegged Asset (MPA) created on the Bitshares network. Elected Bitshares witnesses will publish price feeds which are pegged against the United States Dollar (USD) and predictably oscillates using a sine wave algorithm. The sine wave has an amplitude of 14% and a period of 28 days, thus the price feed value changes 2% every day and a resulting max price feed value of $1.14 and min of $0.86 (Note: Depending on the combination of Bitshares price volatility and age of price feeds published by witnesses, these limits may not always hold).

Hertz tokens are shorted (borrowed) into existence by users on the Bitshares network with at least 175% backing collateral in Bitshares; there is no centralized issuance and asset creator permissions have been restricted for increased decentralization.

By implementing a sine wave phase offset (date/time), we are able to make each Wednesday (mid working week) the most important day for Hertz.

Price feeds:
Reference Python scripts & calculator (
  hertz_calculator.xlsx : A spreadsheet for evaluating the effect of different sine wave variables (amplitude, period, etc). : Used for verifying that the phase offset lines up appropriately. : What you'd use if you don't use wackou or xeroc's price feed scripts.
Wackou's 'BTS_Tools' (Only use if pull request #36 is merged, OR if you change 1/3 to 0.14 yourself manually).
Xeroc's 'Bitshares-PriceFeed' (Issue #25 addresses the inaccurate amplitude comments)

Surrendered FBA settings
- Disable confidential transactions:
- Require holders to be white-listed:
- Issuer may transfer asset back to himself:
- Issuer must approve all transfers

- Get witnesses to publish price feeds for the Hertz MPA


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