Author Topic: Another 0.9.3c import-->export help needed  (Read 909 times)

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I don't remember the commands for the old client anymore, but it looks to me you're passing it the arguments in the wrong order or something. Some arguments sometimes need to be wrapped in quotes, you could try that also.

You won't be able to create an account on the old blockchain since it's no longer live.
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bitshares community,

Things I have:
a) a wallet.dat from the first bitshares bitcoin-style program.
b) the chain torrent downloaded

I cannot import the wallet.dat

getinfo command reads:
>> getinfo

  "blockchain_head_block_num": 3832292,
  "blockchain_head_block_age": "1 years 8 months old",
  "blockchain_head_block_timestamp": "2015-10-25T11:40:50",
  "blockchain_head_block_id": "b46d7568e4ae99314919c540ab63b105d706b2ae",

however when I execute the import command, I get this error:

wallet_import_bitcoin G:/Coins/bitshares-pts/wallet.dat PASSWORD test2

13 class DbException: Db::open: Invalid argument
Db::open: Invalid argument:
    {"what":"Db::open: Invalid argument"}
    bitshares  bitcoin.cpp:338 bts::bitcoin::import_bitcoin_wallet

    bitshares  bitcoin.cpp:32 bts::wallet::wallet::import_bitcoin_wallet

    bitshares  common_api_client.cpp:3037 bts::rpc_stubs::common_api_client::wallet_import_bitcoin

    bitshares  cli.cpp:626 bts::cli::detail::cli_impl::execute_command

in addition, the bitshares program seems to be blocking me from creating a regular account due to:

The wallet needs to be fully synchronized with the blockchain in order to create an account. Please be patient.

any and all help would be appreciated.