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[BITSHARES RECOVERY] I can help you recover your assets!

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Hi Julien, I've pinged you on Skype and also PM you. If anyone knows Julien, would you mind letting him know I'm in need of his services?
I've also tried all kinds of techniques. No problem with the fees.
I have both the JSON file exported out successfully from 0.9.3 wallet back in June 2017 as well as the BIN file that I just generated from 2.0.17 today.

V D-C:
fluxer555 recovered by BTS. I sent him the wallet.dat and he didn't run off with all the BTS!!

Hey guys, just letting everyone know here that after a long hiatus that I'm back in business with helping with recoveries! I'm going to do my best to get back to people, but if I've missed your messages, please feel free to DM me again. Thanks :)

V D-C:
I don't have skype so if someone gets hold of Julien can you ask him to look at this thread? I can send my wallet.dat via email. Thanks!!

V D-C:
Can I send someone my wallet via email so they can recover my bitshares for me? I can't even open the wallet never mind do all the other stuff!


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