Author Topic: Moving BTS from Bittrex to BTS Wallet  (Read 1381 times)

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I have similar question. I withdrew BTS from Bittrex to my BTS wallet and they did arrive. But now I tried to send them back from BTS wallet to Bittrex and i get an error... I did put in their name and memo and i get this: (is there a problem that i wanted to sent only 15 BTS?)

bitshares-crypto digest ddd8579c9e8d95bfd4c78f24ef92114138aaba3b4f0d347815c7ffb192f6ab71 transaction 2f2a90148a3c1680945901005b5a00000000000000c5bc17c5bc17058e1600000000000001029ee9a481a815d623e1d54e7c89f48c643dd5a516d37852f2a8576a9bfac90e85029ee9a481a815d623e1d54e7c89f48c643dd5a516d37852f2a8576a9bfac90e856cea1014ec5d01002023081e2c291a4949d3e4c7b10eb1510f971519fc3a891a81e6790f4a47fdcab90000 {"ref_block_num":10799,"ref_block_prefix":1015682192,"expiration":"2017-08-16T17:25:42","operations":[[0,{"fee":{"amount":"23131","asset_id":"1.3.0"},"from":"1.2.384581","to":"1.2.384581","amount":{"amount":"1478149","asset_id":"1.3.0"},"memo":{"from":"BTS66UZgxqUj48XYXjib4jynfwM7t1EH57yj5mSGpZMSShripwKPg","to":"BTS66UZgxqUj48XYXjib4jynfwM7t1EH57yj5mSGpZMSShripwKPg","nonce":"384743507028588","message":"23081e2c291a4949d3e4c7b10eb1510f971519fc3a891a81e6790f4a47fdcab9"},"extensions":[]}]],"extensions":[],"signatures":["203212b1d869433924d4239f26c07d39909f087265538c567c980a406880f8973d749d6afed25102d2623c153536a74bfaa1eb2dde74402f9873d9a87d077a74f6"]}

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your account name is your receiving address in bitshares. so just withdraw from bittrex to your name, that's it

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It's definitely there, somewhere in 'wallets' on Bittrex.
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Hi All,

Brand new to this site, and cryptos in general.  I just bought some BTS on bittrex from a recommendation from a friend.  He told me to create a wallet, and transfer it there.  However, I can't figure out how to do it.  There doesn't seem to be an option for it.  I see other currencies, but not BTS.  I'm confused and a little overwhelmed.  Any help would be greatly apprecaited.  Thanks!