Author Topic: basecoin vs bitUSD as a price stable cryptocurrency  (Read 2416 times)

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it's nonsense that uses ideas worse than nubits

How is this the case? Explain?
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it's nonsense that uses ideas worse than nubits

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Looks like basecoin is getting a lot of backing from crypto investors.  It's trying to create a decentralized stable cryptocurrency pegged to an instrument such as the USD, CPI,  or a basket of currencies.  Here's the whitepaper:

It tries to peg its currency using economic supply/demand theory touted by central banks.  It uses 3 tokens to help expand or contract the supply:  basecoin, base bonds, and base shares.

Sounds nice but how these tokens interact in the real world is another question.  It even gives drawbacks of bitshares' bitUSD;  don't agree w/ the first point.

Even if basecoin doesn't work perfectly it may get more traction than bitUSD just because of the people backing it.
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