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Hello to all Bitshares stakeholders and the Bitshares community,

My name is bitProfessor (bit.Professor) and I hereby apply for the Bitshares Committee in order to do my part to help grow the Bitshares ecosystem to its full potential.

A few words about me.
I am a member of cn-vote, part of the dexbot team.
I am CIO of a company in china . I used to be a developer, doing ERP development work. Way back,i  study computer science, and MBA.
I've always been a big fan of bitshares. I hope I can do something for bitshares.
I have been a BTS holder for a while due to my belief in the platform from a technical standpoint which I find to be one of the most complete, performant and transparent around in the crypto sphere.

My goals in joining the committee fall essentially under three pillars.

Community: My experience in cn-vote taught me that the power of the community was not motivated. I will make further efforts to activate the community and contribute to the whole ecosystem.

Bitshares ecosystem: Use my resources to help bitshares expand their business applications, such as Guoan's "百城百店" project. My technical background and MBA knowledge can help the development of bitshares ecosystem.

stakeholders Protection: Assess all and any bitshares-related projects or information that comes to our attention to check if any action or announcement by the committee is required or applicable, in order to ensure that no Bitshares stakeholders are misled.

In short, if you wish to have a more active committee please consider voting for commitee member:


or reaching out to your proxy to request their support.

Thank you,

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You got my vote

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