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[Worker Proposal] - Walle7 Mobile and Desktop BitShares GUI
« on: August 09, 2019, 04:54:10 pm »
WORKER ID: 1.14.212
NAME: 201908-walle7-app
TOTAL: $140,000 (Estimated budget for tasks in development list below)
DURATION: 2019/08/30 - 2020/01/30 (5 months)
DAILY PAY:  25,000 BTS (includes 15% overhead to cover potential BTS price volatility. All excess funds will be returned to the reserve pool)

Hi all! We are developing a simple and intuitive open-source BitShares user interface. It works in all popular mobile and desktop browsers, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android applications (available for building on GitHub). The last 3 months, we regularly write about changes in the project in this thread:

Our main priority is to bring to full working condition and release the clean looking app, which includes the main functionality of the BitShares exchange. Keep simplicity and ease of use on any device.

Already implemented:

About 120 BitShares assets can be deposited, instantly exchanged for any other (supports Beet without entering a password) and sent to another user or transferred to an external blockchain via gateways.

All assets have a profile with a logo, information about the website, GitHub, explorers, and social networks. Each of them has information about the current price (average data from overworld exchanges). There is a convenient history for viewing information about deposits, withdrawals, and transactions made. You can run the application without entering a password, only by specifying your username.
To speed up the following tasks project needs funding support. With the ideas and suggestions of the community, we are ready to adjust the vector of application development.

Development tasks:
  • Interface optimizations for viewing all assets and their characteristics without registration or login.
  • User-created favorite asset list for viewing up-to-date exchange rates and additional data on the main screen.
  • Beet-login integration on the start screen to complete transaction confirmations without using a password in all interfaces.
  • Unlock using TouchID / FaceID. Data encryption within the application using biometric hashes.
  • The ability to add multiple logins and conveniently switch between numerous accounts portfolios.
  • User-friendly design for registering a new BitShares account with warnings on how to protect your password.
  • Generate nicknames for more privacy and additional options for backups.
  • Instant exchange in direct pairs (for example, USD/CNY, OPEN.DOGE/CNY, etc.) under the conditions that it is more profitable and more liquid for the user than through xxx/BTS/xxx tickers.
  • Fee information in a separate section and in each transaction confirmation modal.
  • Checking the depth of the order book for display liquidity in coin's profile.
  • QR codes scan for the ability to send funds to another user or to an external blockchain address.
  • Price alerts according to the scheduler with the ability to create a task to alert you when a specific buy/sell price has been reached.
  • Background check for the availability of WSS nodes and all connected gateways on deposits and withdrawals at application startup.
  • Design guidelines for shapes, buttons, fonts, and blocks in a single style.
  • Night mode theme.
  • Coin value charts for the last 24 hours, 7 days, a month with a further expansion of history.
  • Overlay on the charts information about the difference in values from BitShares DEX price and average market prices.
  • Maintain the relevance of information and create a rating of active trading pairs for each asset.
  • Visualize the proportion of coins in the portfolio based on fiat rates.
  • Add more than 30 fiat rates to the dollar to be able to display the prices in any currency (for example, EUR or CNY) based on updated data from the European Central Bank.
  • Improve the English language in the interface with copywriters.
  • Write the hint system with an explanation of how the app and BitShares network works.
  • Preparing the app for translating the interface and features description into other languages. The first priority will be the Chinese language.
  • GitHub workflow with testing and reviews.
  • All security features of the application will be concentrated in one module for enhanced audit.
  • Technical documentation of the project for the possibility of the quick orientation of new developers in existing code.
  • This proposal was created to develop the functionality described in the development task with the ability to add required features if they appear.
  • Worker starts from August 30, 2019, till January 30, 2020, for 153 days (~20 weeks)
  • The budget is indicated in dollars and will be led by the exchange rate of the BTS/USD pair at CoinMarketCap price data.
  • The budget contains a 15% overhead on the possible volatility of the BTS/USD rate. All unused funds above the amount requested in dollars will be returned to the reserve pool.
Estimated rate range and weekly hours:

UI/UX/Motion Design - $100 / 10 hours weekly
Project Management - $90 / 10 hours weekly
Core Development - $120 / 20 hours weekly
Frontend Development - $120 / 10 hours weekly
Community/Content Management - $70 / 10 hours weekly
Documentation Specialist, QA - $70 / 10 hours weekly

What to expect from us:

We plan to publish updates every 2-3 weeks placing them on GitHub with a description of what has been done on this forum. You can see examples of the tasks that we set for updates in the previous thread: There you can also view the timeline of our activity and quality.

We are open to discuss any features the community needs: in this thread, in PM or in the Discord chat. Anyone will be able to claim, work, and submit a PR for tasks from milestones.

Low-Hanging Fruit. Any improvements that are not in the development list, but they can be added without much difficulty can be implemented with a higher priority.

Bug fixes are priority tasks. Any problems found in the application will be fixed first. We use continuous development, and all new builds will be tested through Browserstack to guarantee work on most user devices.

We hope that the strong BitShares community will receive benefits from a stable and nice-looking application that can attract new users and active transactions to the existing ecosystem.
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Re: [Worker Proposal] - Walle7 Mobile and Desktop BitShares GUI
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2019, 06:39:18 pm »
Please setup an escrow.
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Re: [Worker Proposal] - Walle7 Mobile and Desktop BitShares GUI
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2019, 09:19:40 pm »
Since the time I saw your work guys back in May, I've checked it fully and loved it.

I support this project and I see a very good potential with it if it supports and focus on the "branding" approach of BitShares.

One of the biggest advantage use cases for this product is:

 - It's built using cordova so app can get customized only one time and then a single build command will run it for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Mobile Safari and Mobile Chrome, standalone apps for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and macOS.
 - The source code and branding section for it would make it easy for assets issuers to customize their brand for their created assets.
 - The pages are light and browsing quickly, I see no bugs so far.
 - UX work is great and prompt.

Thanks for this.
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Be part of the change and vote for the bitshares-vision proxy!
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Re: [Worker Proposal] - Walle7 Mobile and Desktop BitShares GUI
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2019, 03:54:16 am »
We won't support it without a Chinese introduction

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Re: [Worker Proposal] - Walle7 Mobile and Desktop BitShares GUI
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2019, 12:52:15 pm »
Too many wallet APP about Bitshares.For this development is better than bts++ ?i don't think so.
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