Author Topic: YOYOW progress report (11.30) YOYOW 项目进度报告  (Read 64788 times)

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YOYOW progress report (11.30) YOYOW 项目进度报告
« on: November 30, 2017, 09:04:35 am »
#Develop Performance
1.Released WordPress plugin
WordPress is an open source and content management system as well as the most popular Blog system. Now it is used in multiple fields including enterprise portals, e-commercial, news and etc, for example, BBC America,Bloomberg Prefessional. According to “Usage statistics and market share of WordPress for websites”by W3techs, WordPress is used by 59.9% of all websites whose content management system we know. This is almost 30% of all websites.
YOYOW has released WordPress plugin officially which means all WordPress based websites can get YOYOW authorization login function by this plugin. Developers are welcome to download this plugin from YOYOW github to test authorization function.

2. Released Discuz! plugin
Discuz! is a generous internet forum system written in PHP and it is the most mature BBS solution plan so far. Discuz! has more than 2 million websites users cases and it has became the most widely used forum program in the great china. YOYOW has released Discuz! plugin officially so that all Discuz! based websites especially forum type websites can get YOYOW authorization login function by plugin. Websites developers or admin are welcome to download this plugin from YOYOW github to test authorization function.

3.YOYOW main net updates
BTS gateway has been integrated on YOYOW main net wallet implementing auto withdraw and deposit between main net and BTS Dex. Adding pledge display allows pledge adjustment function in wallet.

#Community Performance
16th NovAttending blockchain seminar sponsored by BeOne SuZhou community
Yoyow co-founder Zicen was invited to make presentation and communicate with BeOne community member on the blockchain technology
20th Nov YOYOW co-founder Zicen was interviewed by Babi finance “Blockchain 100 People”.
“Blockchain 100 People” is in the form of short video to interview industry leader and report outstanding contributors, technology geek in blockchain industry.
21st Nov YOYOW trading competition on Binance has been concluded, visit the link below to check the winner list.
23rd Nov YOYO/BTS trading pair listed on Lbank. This is the first time for BTS as the base currency and it is also the new attempt for YOYOW.
                YOYOW made the first corporate contract with Artists from have designed an exclusive tattoo modeled by YOYOW logo.
25th Nov “China blockchain promotion tour”- Beijing station has been launched successfully. YOYOW as the sponsor to attend and make a speech on this activity.

1.   发布wordpress的yoyow插件
WordPress 是一款开源软件和内容管理系统,目前最为流行的博客系统。现也常用在门户网站,电子商务,新闻等方面。例如BBC America,Bloomberg Prefessional。根据W3techs提供的2017 WordPress使用统计和市场份额报告表明,世界上近30%的网站是基于WordPress,而有近60%的以内容博客(Blog)为重的网站上,均使用WordPress进行内容管理。

2.   发布Discuz!的yoyow插件

3. YOYOW 主网更新
YOYOW主网钱包集成了BTS网关,实现BTS内盘和主网自动充提,并且在钱包更新了增加了抵押显示 / 调整功能。

11.16 BeOne苏州社群之YOYOW区块链专场交流会
11.20 YOYOW联合创始人梓岑接受芭比财经«区块链100人»专访
11.21 币安YOYO交易排名大赛结束,英雄榜揭晓
11.23 链行Lbank上线YOYO/BTS交易对。这是bts首次作为基础货币也是YOYO的一次全新的尝试,意义重大
  YOYOW首次签约达成,与gogo.tattoo签署战略合作协议,gogo.tattoo的艺术家以yoyow logo为原型为yoyow设计了一款专属纹身。
11.25 区块链科普中国行北京站成功举办,YOYOW作为联合主办方亮相活动
还有YOYOW很快要搞大事了,谜底很快揭晓 … …

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Re: YOYOW progress report (11.30) YOYOW 项目进度报告
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 03:46:53 pm »
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Re: YOYOW progress report (11.30) YOYOW 项目进度报告
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2019, 04:24:58 pm »
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