Author Topic: Every witness providing a public API node gets my vote.  (Read 12213 times)

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Absolutely support Fav's initiative for making entry point more decentralized. Our team is always ready to assist and consult anyone, going to deploy public node. Just pm me or connect with our team in any of tm channels.

In any case, everyone always may rely on infrastructure of public nodes built by OpenLedger without any limitations. Feel free to use any of our aliases with or without adding "/ws" (for web sockets):

Current total load is around 20% of whole capacity. Most of nodes are located in EU.
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Fair enough fav.

Although I don't agree to weigh just one single factor when voting; with the Infrastructure Worker proposal being delayed and the Elastic Search plugin under development, I appreciate any active action to fix a high priority bottleneck.

I'm going to work on this early next week, and will try bring Ansible playbooks as soon as possible to make full node deployments easier for everyone.

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Hi!, i was doing some investigation about create a witness and a seed node, I have some doubts about the seed node and full node, is the full node used for a public API ?

This seeds node are just only for blockchain download and not for public API : ?
I hope grab some servers this weeks and get all the stuffs working, after that i will anounce my intentions to help the bitshares network, now i have a steem witness node and i really like the graphene ecosystem, would like to help all the dpos chains, hehe.



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I'm looking into maintaining a dedicated API node to add to the list.  Are there any basic guides or points to consider for optimizing the node beyond the most basic configuration?  It's easy enough to just turn one one but I'd like to know I'm getting the most out of it.

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I am glad you are bringing this up. @xeroc 's worker needs votes ASAP. Most witnesses that run gateways provide public nodes. But that's not enough! My Public API node now runs at 66GB RAM and doubled the average open connections from last month. This is becoming the true cost of the infrastructure vs. running the witness node which can be now tweaked to run under 2GB RAM. I know @startail also provides the API node but is not voted in. There was some talk among the devs about reducing the RAM requirement for the full nodes and that would help lower the cost of the full nodes because right now we are looking at 96GB minimum, 128GB recommended and 256GB to be safe and we need several of them to handle the traffic.


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Yeah, it sounds like a solid proposal. Let's do it.

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with a growing user base the struggle on the very few nodes is getting out of hand.

Witnesses, please provide public nodes to the reference wallet.

Post here if you do, I'll vote for you & do promo.