Author Topic: 5+ character assets should be cheaper  (Read 1343 times)

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I think there should be a fee overhaul soon, if the price stays in this range.

there are some actions that should be much cheaper including assets, LTM & create vesting

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You raise a good point.  Perhaps Life Time Members should receive the reduction up front instead of on the back end? 

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Asset create‡   -   -   -
   -  3-character symbol   21,197 USD   4,239 USD*   0.026 USD
   -  4-character symbol   5,299 USD   1,060 USD*   0.026 USD
   -  5-character symbol or longer   132 USD   26 USD*   0.026 USD

I have a project I am working on where I will need to create about 25 assets.. a tradable card game:

$3300 is too much for this when I can spend $250 or less on other blockchains. I know I get $2650 of this back AFTER 90 days if I'm a Lifetime member, but still... it's such a waste of money from a business perspective when I could spend $250 on another chain, and then spend the rest on advertising (or something more beneficial than registration fees at least...).

5+ character assets should be cheaper. I will probably build on another chain like Waves or something else if the Bitshares comittee doesn't change them. I wanted to build on Bitshares though. Heck, even a simple ERC20 token would be much cheaper to make and the cards could be traded through ETH's DEXs.

You get my point though... not a good value proposition from an asset issuer. Especially considering the value I think my project would bring into Bitshares... you guys should be paying me those fees instead.  ;) -> Market Data, Portfolios, Information, Links, Reviews, Forums, Blogs, Etc. -> Tradable Blockchain Asset PvP Card Game