Author Topic: DPorn - Putting the "D" back into Porn  (Read 857 times)

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DPorn - Putting the "D" back into Porn
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:13:32 am »
Hello  Bitshares,

What is Dporn?

Dporn is a De-centralized porn blockchain platform dedicated to the porn industry and the users who watch porn.

It is where the worlds multi-billion industry can equally share the rewards with its users via curation rewards and post rewards. You can watch any kind of porn for free – but, get paid to do so too.

How long before launch?

The countdown is to 45 days before we release the first version of the platform. The website can be seen here as a landing page.
Where to buy & Support DPorn?

We are currently running our first investment round on BitShares asset PornD.

What are the benefits for purchasing PornD ?

Dporn will curate any content through DPorn website. DPorn the website will also be a beneficiary to posts made on the platform and through a bot it will scan two blockchains steem and Bitshares - anyone holding a percentage of the current supply of PornD tokens will get a % daily payout on Dporn earnings through Curating. 95 % of the SBD rewards will be divided to holders of the tokens. The other 5 % goes to to SP to power up Dporn – expected to have 100 k SP.


If Alice holds 10% PORND tokens of current supply then Alice gets 10% of 95% of rewards earned by DPORN curating contents.

How much needed for development?

Development is underway and our node is being finished as we speak.

3M Tokens shall only be supplied in the initial development phase and if the development needs more funds--then and then only more tokens shall be issued after discussing with investors on our discord channel here

Do you have any giveaways, or bounty rewards?

We are running one now for referrals to our discord here and here is what we have for this:

  • 25 referrals = 25 PornD
  • 50 referrals = 50 PornD
  • 75 referrals = 75 PornD
  • 100 referrals = 100 PornD
  • 125 referrals = 125 PornD

This section is going to be updated tomorrow morning w/ further information.

Any comments & feedback please leave below!

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Re: DPorn - Putting the "D" back into Porn
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