Author Topic: Improved zkSnarks more efficient, no trusted setup - useful for Stealth?  (Read 1516 times)

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I believe zksnarks were originally planned, but were put aside for another faster stealth tech.

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Perhaps this development could be integrated into Bitshares?

"Finally, a new paper was released on efficient zk-SNARKs without trusted setup. Earlier work on zk-SNARKs required trusted parties, and some coins already use this. Monero's philosophy of privacy means that a trusted setup is an automatic no-no, which makes the new paper so interesting since it assumes no trusted parties. I have been working through the whitepaper and plan to write up a simulation if it continues to show promise. A comprehensive analysis of the potential space and computation costs is also in order, and this will continue into next month. Again, there are no immediate plans to switch to a zk-SNARK setup in Monero, but the technology is interesting and merits ongoing investigation."
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