Author Topic: New Market Fee implemented overnight on BitCNY and BitUSD???  (Read 2579 times)

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I read @bitcrab considerations here

Now I'm ok with it, let's see if works, thanks.

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I know that was voted in, but why?

I mean these markets need liquidity, that was the reason for lowing the fees way back, remember?

Now that volume is starting we fuck up?

What about the people (myself included) that are building businesses models around current fee schedule?

BAD move guys, please lets consider reverting that back.

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I'm having trouble finding the proposal for this.

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Please, somebody help me understand why seems to be the case that some SmartCoins have now implemented 0.1% Market Fee, without any community input whatsoever.... Questions so far:

Why just some smartcoins have others do not?

How is this would impact the referral program since the fees applied are flat to LTM and non LTM?

Who is receiving those fees?

Who was responsible for changing it, who voted for?