Author Topic: Proposal: change back settle offset of bitCNY to 1%  (Read 2469 times)

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now the system just restored from a disaster, can we wait some days to see how things will be like when the price goes a little up? and then decide?

5% is necessary because the price feeding does not trace the market value exactly enough, I don't think the problem is already solved.

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@bitcrab What's your thought on this since you pushed for the 5% awhile back?  Are the price feeds accurate enough now to make the change back?

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return it to 1%,  5% was supposed to be temporary
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Offline haruka

maybe not 1% according to bitcrab's point of view (he was saying about 3%), but 5% is apparently not correct.

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 +5% +5% +5%It's time to change back in this case.

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5% was a temporary solution. Now the basis of 5% no longer exists, we should change back this value to 1%.

Keeping at 5% does not make sense now.