Author Topic: Help, I lost part of my BTWT amount  (Read 1434 times)

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Hi Roberto,
welcome to BitShares. The BTWT are not lost, you rather paid small fee for your purchase. The BTWT is a UIA with a market fee of 0.2% per trade. You can find the information here . For example, if you buy 100 Token of an asset you pay 0.2% in fees and just get 99.80 Tokens.

Please also consider that BTWT has 5 Decimal points 5 (0.00001). So it could be that your remaining amount is to small and maybe not displayed in your wallet.

Try to buy a bit more the next time and see how it goes.

Cheers Chris
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I have a problem.
I'm am new on Bitshares.

I have bought 0.0001 BTWT the day 2018-01-30. The transition was registered in the Block Number : #23969487. it was all right.

Yesterday I controlled my BTWT balance and it was only 0,0002 BTWT: so, 0,0008 BTWT are disappeared!!!

I checked the history of my transactions several times with the aim of understanding if I had accidentally made some incorrect transactions, but I haven't transferred any BTWT.

So, were are my 0,0008 BTWT???

I thank everyone for their help and I apologize for my English.