Author Topic: [Worker] Revision of Whitepapers and Improvements of Technical Documentation  (Read 1796 times)

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Will this work alongside current documentation uplift efforts?
The idea is to utilize the available resources there and merely guide the documentation efforts
to fit into the lessons learned (most compliance) ... We'd also like to find a solution to have a
community member deal with the project management and have everyone benefit from their
work. Consider the whole worker proposal a "bounty program" that is lead by Blockchain Projects BV
(as a legal entity to take the lead and responsibility) and put forth by the community under guidance.

Is there any updates on this Worker? As I understood it, the goal of this worker is to update the current online documentation.

So far, there hasn't been any updates to this since March in this thread, and the accounting page on,, mentions no invoice.

Does this worker post updates elsewhere, does it have a goal/roadmap on what is required to be done before the end and does it allow easy access for community submissions to its goal?

I believe that it was up to the Community and rest of the eco-system to step-up and claim Bounty on making the proper documentation. Far as initial expectations from this worker I see new WhitePaper done and a lot of Compliance in it.

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Thanks for asking and looking into workers on a regular basis.
First of all, this worker has already delivered stuff. a) the new whitepaper, and b) the and portals.
There is quite some work left on this front.

However, this worker is somewhat delicate as it was created when BTS was quite more valuable. As a consequence, the worker itself is not "fully funded" and the amount of hours we would have liked to spend just cannot be put there.
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