Author Topic: IDEA - decetralized quantitative easing  (Read 327 times)

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IDEA - decetralized quantitative easing
« on: March 09, 2018, 03:08:49 am »
decetralized quantitative easing (DQE) :
this fund has a follow properties:

0) random buy event. this unpredictability is essential to bring individual traders who seeks profit..
1)  goal amount, fund rasing duration, target coin :
  if goal is not met when fund rasing duration expired, fund goes back to senders.
2)  margin ratio
   (2x, 10x, 50x..)
3)  fund period (a month, two months, a year...)
  how long this fund will be consumed
4)  buying count numbers N
  buying count numbers

if 200,000 $ were raised
 with condition of 10x marginb
  and target coin of HERO
  and fund period 3months
  and buying count 4,

 then 2,000,000 $ will be used to  buy up HERO coin on BTS DEX for four times in 3months .