Author Topic: How to join the affiliate program?  (Read 1671 times)

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First of all, Visit their Official website then scroll down, in the footer of Website have a link to Referral Program click on that.  :)
Hi, I would love to share my knowledge with others I learned about crypto different websites.


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You may want to use the Referral Program Offered by Bitshares.EU.
You will need to have LTM account though.

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to participate in the affiliate program you need to upgrade to lifetime member. from the wallet go to account -> membership.

you will see a button that says : Buy Lifetime Subscription

after you upgrade you will get a link in the same page: "Your referral link:"

Use the link for promotion in your banners, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

more info:

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I've seen some info talking about the affiliate program but no actual link to sign up. Where would I find that please?