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I very much welcome you engagement as well your offer to be trusted proxy!
We need more people going forward and wanting to take an active role in the community!
So ... +5%!

Thank you Fabian for expressing your support. I really appreciate it.

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I very much welcome you engagement as well your offer to be trusted proxy!
We need more people going forward and wanting to take an active role in the community!
So ... +5%!

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those were the only ones i found  well done
just a question, prismatic and infernal bolt, they have same attack or?


Our whole-hearted support. Nothing to add which hasn't been said in previous comments - there's also been times Kevin was there for me when I had some question in  Telegram. A true asset and blessing to the BitShares community.
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Community and stake-holders,

I'm communicating and building decentralized relationship with Kevin Messerly ever since I stepped into the the blockchain. I've seen him professionally handling fud in telegram groups, sharing news, helping out users, helping out investors, even investing himself into the projects around here and being supportive as much as individual can be.

Kevin Messerly aka Kimchi-King, by my personal and objective opinion is:

- Professional
- Experienced
- Open-minded (many times actually took/asked for advice, bringing solution using his own logic and reasoning - based on trustless relationship withcomplete stranger - me)
- Calm
- Polite

By giving him voice(proxy), he will definitely not go around and just do as he please (re Votes). I can vouch for him that i'm sure he will always ask for justified answers(on both offer/supporter side) before he make any decision (giving actual vote).

Kevin, I'm a bit busy this week, but we have few accounts ready to give you our Moral and Public support (since our Weight ATM means not more than that) - Will do by Monday.



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Kevin is a great asset to the community, doing amazing work spreading BitShares awareness and helping new users.

People would be very wise to seriously consider him as a proxy.

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Looking forward for that as i have full trust in you to push bitshares in the right direction

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This is great to hear Kevin.  Everyone, kimchi-king is a discord mod and was very helpful when I first discovered Bitshares.  Huge asset for the community who deserves everyone's support.

Offline kimchi-king

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Messerly, but people call me Kimchi-King and I'm a BitShares addict.

Damn it feels good to get that off my chest.

It all started a few years ago when I came across BitShares on I did some digging and discovered that this was something I could dip my toes in, but it wasn't until early 2017 that I decided to become more involved in the community. Since then, I have spent countless hours answering questions, giving advice, providing support to numerous BitShares based projects, acting as admin in many rooms on Telegram and Discord, and doing my best to promote BitShares on social media. Why? Because I understand that without an active community BitShares will never reach its true potential.

I've finally decided to humbly request for your trust and support so if you're willing I'd be honored to be your proxy.

I promise to remain objective to the principles that BitShares stands for, to keep my supporters informed of my voting choices, and to continue to be an active member of this outstanding community. BitShares has the power to be the worlds most powerful financial tool, but being decentralized has its shortcomings and I will to do my part to bring BitShares to its much deserved place in the crypto space.

If you're willing to add me as your proxy then please use this BitShares address kimchi-king.

For full disclosure, I'm a part of the BitShares cabinet which is made up of the same team behind the DEXBot project. We plan to develop, present, and support numerous worker proposals designed to benefit the BitShares community and ecosystem. We will do this by acting as middle management between companies looking to develop product/services for BitShares and the major stakeholders. This will help to increase the usage of the Reserve Pool funds for the sole purpose of benefiting all BitShares holders.

We understand that not many people or companies have the time to invest in establishing a strong reputation amongst the community to ensure their proposals gain enough traction to get their worker proposals approved. In order to assist those interested in providing/developing products/services for BitShares the Cabinet members will be responsible for conducting due diligence, market research, worker proposal development, product management, development oversight, worker proposal marketing, escrow services, and the list goes on.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on Telegram (@kimchiking), Discord (kimchi-king#0714), Twitter (@kevinmesserly), or via email at

I've created this dedicated Telegram channel to inform the community and my supporters of the decisions I've made, wish to make, and refuse to make with regards to my voting power. Here's the link to the channel.
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